Creating Timeless Images, Treasured Memories & Moments Preserved That Will Last Forever......

I love how a picture can say so much. I think we all get there one day where we realize the importance of pictures. Our moms, dads, brothers, sisters, children, & more; one day all we have left is the memories. I think back to when I pulled out a picture of my mother after she passed away from when I was a young girl and it floods my mind of memories of her. Pictures are like music they can be very powerful and take you back to a time in your life that was good or bad. I want to be able to help you remember the sweet memories of your dad walking you down the isle and giving you away, your last year in high school, or your child's tiny fingers & toes. One thing is for certain life goes by fast. We need to stop and freeze today's moment so you can have it for a lifetime. My goal is to give you a snapshot in time of the precious treasures you have....your family.

Based north east of Atlanta, I am a traveling Photographer inspired to document memories & emotions in wedding, family & senior photography. I enjoy natural light photography. I do most sessions on location and can incorporate both nature and urban locations. Prior to a session I will be glad to brainstorm location, wardrobe and props.